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Controversial Opinions, Volume One: Jeff Francoeur Should Not Be A Giant Next Year

August 13, 2013

Also, Jeff Francoeur should not be a Giant now. That too.

It's not the size of the bat, it's the motion of the ocean.

It’s not the size of the bat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

As I type, the Giants and Nationals are embroiled in a riveting rain delay. After water stops falling from the heavens, one of these very disappointing teams will win a meaningless mid-August game. I am trying — very, very hard — to care. It isn’t going well.

Here’s something that’s easy to care about: next year. Next year the Giants could be good again! After a disappointing 2011 season they won the World Series; maybe it’s just gonna be an every-other-year deal. I’m going with that.

So the rest of this season, more than anything, is a chance to audition guys with 2014 in mind. The Giants have basically turned over the entire 40-man roster, so it’s not like there are any Helzberg necklaces hidden in the couch cushions. Still, surely we can draw a line between players who could possibly perchance factor into next year’s plans and players who unequivocally will not.

Which brings us to Francoeur. When the Giants plucked him out of the Royals reject bin they were hoping for lightening in a bottle. They got mildew in a mason jar. Them’s the breaks.

That was back in early July, when there was still a teeny glimmer of hope. Turns out it was just the glint off a custom bedazzled Yasiel Puig jersey. The fork has been stuck, removed, washed and placed back in the drawer. The fat lady has laryngitis. The Giants are done. Francoeur, meanwhile, is hitting .204/.218/.241 since arriving in San Francisco, which is eerily similar to his 2013 Royals slash line except the SLG is 80 points lower. So yeah.

Francoeur is occupying a roster spot, and getting starts, that could — and should — be going to literally anyone else. Juan Perez. Brett Pill. The guy who apologized for throwing a banana on the field. Anyone.


Incidentally, the same could be said about Andres Torres, but at least with him I can squint and pretend it’s 2010. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

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  1. sid sandwich permalink
    August 13, 2013 8:51 pm

    That flaming pos Torres should have never been signed, Yet dumb shit Bochy continues to run him out there.

  2. August 13, 2013 8:51 pm

    I agree, Bring on the rookies! BTW, Jacob, I’m at my parents in Oregon and went to my second Salem-Keizer “VOLCANOES” game last night, the Giants farm team for whom Sandoval, Lincecum and Posey all played at one point. They won 11-10 after having trailed the entire game until the bottom of the 8th. Cumulatively, over thirty hits, 18 men left stranded, and the Volcanoes had men thrown out at home twice, once at third, and once at second. In other words, it was a hot mess of a game, but it was INSANELY fun. I think I’m now hooked on Minor League ball. Last night was my second Volcanoes game and I’m going to one more on the 21st.

    P.S. $3 to park the car, $10 to park my caboose, and regular $1 beer and $1 hot dog nights make it just a tad bit cheaper than trekking down to AT&T.

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